COLOP Classic Line ronde R 2045-6 Microban Datumtekst Stempel

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€ 60,50
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Levertijd 3-6 werkdagen
With 2 coloured impression.
stempel: beugel kleuren
aantal regels 6
afdrukgrootte Ø 45 mm
kleur inktkussen
Hoogte datumafdruk 4 mm
Opbouw datum veld 12.Nov.2028

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Printer R 2045 Dater is a round self-inking stamp with a 45mm diameter impression which allows up to 6 lines custom text and a date in the middle. The open construction allows exact positioning of the imprint. The metal frame gives the product a robust and long lasting character. With Microban® antibacterial protection, already built-in during production, the growth of harmful bacteria is avoided right from the beginning. This is important when products are handled by many different people as it often happens in banks, hospitals or at office desks.
Beugel kleuren indien van toepassing Zwart
Inktkusssen kleur Zwart, Blauw, Blauw-Rood-Datum, Groen, Rood
Afdrukformaat tekstplaatje Rond
Aantal tekst regels 6
Editor Diameter 45
Creator Triangle Dimension 45
Heeft datum veld (of afbeeldingen) Ja
Date field text 12.Nov.2028
Date field text height 4